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Woof Tales & Bullies (In a Nic of Time):
Author and Illustrator, Carol Foster Clark
BULLIES! Where there are kids there are bullies. Nic faces a decision, and to do what’s right would ruin any chance he had of being cool. With a Woof, his frisbee chasing golden retriever, compares his hot situation to one faced by three boys in the Bible. Nic sees that if he stands for God, instead of bowing to Buck, he is not alone. Woof Tales and Bullies doesn’t give how-to’s but shows the who-to for anything in life.
Available at Westbow Press, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble 

 Eternity Express (It's About Grace):
Author and Illustrator, Carol Clark
What do a little girl and a train have to do with salvation?
This children's book explains salvation using a little girl, a train, a train engineer, and a ticket. Then it gives a hands-on experience with John 3:16 where kids cut and paste together their own train ticket to Eternity.

This book has been translated into Creole and printed for Haitian missionaries. I would love to do this with other missionaries.

Available at AJoyIn Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble


Eternity Express Lesson Plans:EE_Lesson_Plan_cover
By Carol Clark
Five lesson plans and crafts that go along with the book, Eternity Express. These can be downloaded free with the purchase of five Eternity Express books.

Just email me a receipt after purchase.

This gives an overview of the lesson plans:


Summer of the Bear:

Author, Leigh Arrathoon
Illustrator, Carol Martin (Carol Clark)

Action-packed historical novel and recipient of 2007 Michigan State History Award. This is a coming-of-age story about Kevin and his best friend who set out to spend the summer at a cabin in the Pigeon River Country State Forest. The French Canadian boy next door takes them on a canoe trip where they encounter a bear and become witnesses to a mysterious murder. They learn the history of the voyageurs and the Ojibwe Indians.

Available at www.paintcreekpress.com

Eagle From the Dawn:Eagle_from_the_Dawn_cover0019
Author, Leigh Arrathoon
Illustrator, Carol Martin (Carol Clark)

A historical novel about Lewis and Clark and the Nez Perce Indians, published in 2006. In this action-packed story, Kevin spends the summer at his uncle's ranch in Montana. He and the son of his uncle's Nez Perce partner, follow the route of Lewis and Clark. The boys learn to respect each other's culture while they study cougars and learn the keys to lifelong friendship.

Available at www.paintcreekpress.com


Author, Shirley Foster

Illustrator, Carol Martin  (Carol Clark)

This was a coloring book about a recycling dinosaur was printed in 1994 by Allegan County Resource Recovery and distributed to all Kindergarten through third grade students. My sister, Shirley Foster, wrote the poem and I tried to make the dinosaur come alive. This is no longer available.

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